The Bridge of the America's, connecting North and South across the Panama canal, just like 2Americas.

Our Team

Crosby, Marina Denise

Argentine, born and raised in Buenos Aires. Fluent in English and Spanish. Licensed in Systems Analysis at the Buenos Aires State University in 1989. Post Graduate courses at the Argentine Army War School and Duke University North Carolina. Teacher at Buenos Aires State University and Professor at El Salvador University. Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Joined NCR in 1988 and worked there in several positions until 1993. Participated in a World Bank project and then joined Raychem Corporation. Moved to North Carolina with Raychem and worked there until 1997 when she started her own consulting business. Managed projects in: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Perú, Colombia, and the USA. Gave remote support to Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Ayala, Sergio

Argentine, born and raised in Buenos Aires. Fluent in English and Spanish. Programmer Analyst since 1994 at Cesyt (Social and Technological Studies Center). Systems Analyst at Cesyt in 2002. Attended many technical courses including but not limited to: MFG/PRO, Progress Programming language, Novell Networks, NT, Windows 95-NT, Microsoft Office, HP-UX, Unix Solaris, Linux, Communications, among others.

Joined Raychem in 1991 and worked in several positions until 1999. He was key to a multinational MFG/PRO deployment in South America. Traveled to the USA, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Worked for Avery Dennison Dover where he managed an international systems migration from Argentina to the US. In December 2001 he joined Marina Crosby as Systems Technical Consultant.

Berse, Marcela

Argentine, born and raised in Buenos Aires. Fluent in Spanish, English, and Swedish. Graduated in 1992 in Information Systems Engineering, at the National Technological University in Buenos Aires. Attended Postgraduate courses at Thunderbird University (Arizona, USA). Received Business and Management Education at the Ericsson Management and Training Institute. Assistant Professor at the National Technological University (Buenos Aires).

Joined NCR in 1991 as programmer and worked later as Systems Analyst until 1993. Then she immigrated to Sweden to work for Ericsson where she held several positions with increasing responsibility, dealing with the telecommunication industry in Latin America. In 2000 she was transferred to Buenos Aires as Regional Account Manager for Telefónica de España accounts in Latin America. In July 2001 she joined Marina Crosby as Commercial and Business Consultant.

Mentruyt, Elena Otilia

Argentine, born and raised in Buenos Aires. Fluent in Spanish and English. Master degree in Sociology at the University of ¨El Salvador¨, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1972. Studied Statistics (1975) and Psychology (1977) in Buenos Aires State University as aids to her Sociology work. Management Training at the Educational Research Systems Inc. USA, 1980. Argentine Army School of Defense Course on war strategies applied to business environment (1982). Professor at the Buenos Aires University and El Salvador University.

Author of: ¨Just in Time¨ 1992, ¨Método Mentruyt¨1998 ¨Public Administration and Private Enterprises Total Quality¨ 1999, ¨How to find a job¨ 2000, ¨Ten doors to happiness¨ 2002. All of them in Spanish.

Since 1974 worked for the Argentina Navy as Statistics expert. In 1978 founded Lapalma y Asociados HHRR company that later became Mentruyt Consulting. She is the executive director of an HHRR company that operates in Latin America and the US. Marina Crosby's strategic partner as HHRR expert consultant.

Hans van der Vlist

SiteCoach is a Dutch webdeveloper with experience in webdesign since 1995. The SiteCoach webmaster, Hans van der Vlist, met Mrs. Crosby while working for NCR and is pleased at the opportunity for the international collaboration effort via this website. The SiteCoach website is currently only available in Dutch.