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Working with a multicultural workforce is challenging. It takes courage and vision to focus on talents and values to get the maximum from their Hispanic workforce and conquer the Hispanic Market. 2Americas assists companies to achieve that.

Hispanics are the largest Minority in the US with around 32,800,000 people and the fastest growing buying power. Today most companies:

  • Have Hispanic Employees
  • Sell to the Hispanic Market
  • Do both.

If this is your case you are acquainted with one or more of these issues:

  • Communication problems with Hispanics
  • Systems do not track preferred language
  • Translations don't solve all the problems
  • Hispanic employees, per se, do not solve all the issues
  • New Hispanic people in the workforce bring about new challenges
  • Credit history and tracking are sometimes not available
  • Spent money on advertising in Hispanic Media does not get expected results
  • Non-profit organizations take your donations and give valuable connections but no business solutions
  • You are not quite sure how to proceed

You are in the right site! Most of the times these issues are addressed separately and in the cheapest possible way. If you are wondering, ¨Why do I have to spend money in Hispanics?¨ the answer is YOU DON'T, unless you want the market and the talent.

2Americas provides training and services to ensure that you:

  • Communicate fluently with customers and employees regardless of the language and the communication media
  • Approach the Hispanic market with products of interest, in the right place and easy to pay for
  • Capitalize on hard work and fidelity towards company and brand

We offer consulting services and training packages tailored to your needs. Please contact us and let us know what your issues are and we will work with you to overcome them successfully and for good. We are seasoned professionals with decades of experience in Hispanic / Main Stream US projects and environments. This may be new to the you but it is not new to us, let us assist you!