The Bridge of the America's, connecting North and South across the Panama canal, just like 2Americas.


2Americas' unique service to you is to transform language and cultural friction into productivity gains. We provide this for the following types of companies and organizations:

I attended an excellent one-day seminar on cultural competence by Marina Crosby. I was so impressed that I told her that I would recommend her course to others. The course material was terrific and Ms. Crosby's style of presentation added greatly to the comprehension and enjoyment of the session.

Becky Armstrong

  1. US domestic: non-Hispanic companies with Hispanic Customers and/or Employees

  2. Hispanic US domestic: Hispanic Companies and Entrepreneurs in the US

  3. USA in Latin America: American companies doing business in Latin America

  4. Latin America in USA: Latin American Companies doing business in the US.

Select one of the above options so that we can provide with tailored information about the specific services we can deliver to you.

In a hurry to learn about Latin American Culture fast? Here is a reading list that can help you understand Latin American people through literature. Enjoy!