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Particular Challenges for Multicultural Projects

Please join us for the North Carolina PMI August meeting: ¨Particular Challenges for Multicultural Projects¨. August 14th at 6 pm in the Sheraton RTP I-40, Exit 282 Durham, North Carolina.

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It is needless to say business is conducted differently in Latin America and in the US. The frustration that difference sometimes causes both parties is well known. However, the United States and Latin America and the Hispanic community in the United States are bound to do business and we'd better get prepared to do it well! Moreover, within the alternate business styles there is a huge opportunity to learn and to adopt the good traits to be found in both sides.

It is very hard for human beings to remember people do not think and act just like us. This gap is widened if we are dealing with people with different cultural backgrounds. Do Project Management techniques work in any culture? Yes and No. Basically all techniques are good but need a little tweaking and adjustment to make them really successful. Again this is always true and particularly when we have a multicultural project at hand.

  • We will acknowledge some of the most common cultural rooted obstacles when managing projects with Hispanics or Latin Americans and American stakeholders.

  • We will work on the issues the attendants suggest in the questionnaire(please make this word a link to the questionnaire) they will voluntarily fill out before the meeting.

  • We will share different approaches to the issues with their advantages or disadvantages. We will do this in an interactive way sharing also success stories and cases in which the approach did not work.

  • We will identify Management Areas and Processes where we should add particular action items to address foreseeable issues referencing the PMBOK.

  • We will finish by sharing the answers people from a PMI Chapter in Latin America gave to these same questions to try and see their side of the story and build some knowledge and empathy.

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