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Cultural Competence for the Mortgage Industry                           

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By 2015 more than 30% of mortgage holders will belong to minority groups.
Will they be YOUR customers?

This course opens up the business perspective of Cultural Competence showing Mortgage Officers and other Bank workers, why they need this skill and how it can improve their careers.

We define Cultural Competence as the skill to serve customers to the best of our capabilities regardless of their culture, race, gender or country of origin. The Goal of achieving Cultural Competence is to minimize the risk of losing a customer for cultural reasons and to maximize the potential of attracting under served markets.

It combines recent studies on Diversity in the Housing market with down to earth examples on how to be more prepared for the changing environment in North Carolina. It includes videotapes and experiential exercises. The studies include State of the Nation's Housing 2003 and 2004, Drew Study on Foreign-born first-time homeowners, all from the Harvard Joint center for Housing Studies. It also includes Fannie Mae's guidelines for mortgage eligibility as it relates to residency and immigration status, the Fair Housing act and Home Mortgage disclosure Act (HMDA) as they relate to race & ethnicity.
The cultural competence course was a real eye-opener. I thought I knew what it meant to be ¨culturally competent.¨ But, after Marina's class I have a broadened perspective and deepened insight into the background of new immigrants and other US-born ethnic groups.
The class was interactive and full of real life experiences, exercises, statistics, and industry information. This is a MUST take class for ALL mortgage professionals.
April Young Oliva, Marketing Director, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Raleigh, NC.

Everything is presented in a manner that makes it possible to draw practical conclusions on what the market will require and already demands from Mortgage Officers and Banks in general while making very clear what laws and regulations they need to be aware of.

The information is combined with videos and exercises that allow different learning modes to incorporate the learning goals. The business approach and the down to earth tools and techniques to increase cultural competence are very accessible and leave the participant with new skills to better serve his or her customers.

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